S​/​T EP

by Disaster Afterparty

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Recorded the week of April 23, 2017 in Long Beach, CA.
Tree Vs. House Records - TVH003


released May 27, 2017

Jeff- Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Alex- Drums, Vocals, Bass on #5




Disaster Afterparty Long Beach, California

punk rock from long beach, california

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Track Name: Stick and Poke
dont touch me
i am free
do not feel
my body
i cannot take it
your sick invasion
touching my face
its not your place
your hands are crime
its not your time
your place aint here
why cant you hear
your touch is greed
you feed your need
it aint no fun
your time is done
Track Name: Police Bikes
no more traffic
drowning in a sea of red
with your suvs
too many crvs
i cant see
tail lights on me
please avoid me
i cant see
why cant you be away from me
i cant see
Track Name: Active Listening
whats going on in your life that makes you think about suicide?
what have you been experiencing and how has it been affecting you?
what is it about your life that feel so bad, that you feel suicides the only option you have?
do you have the means to kill yourself right now?
whats the support system in your life right now?
how have you been able to cope with everything thats going on at home?
it makes sense that you would think of suicide.
you need relief even if it means you'd die.
its been really tough on you for sure.
its no wonder you can't take it anymore.
its so hard.
Track Name: Virtual Removal
i got no time today
it all just went away
clocks stare at me
im late for everything
its a terrible mess
things pass by so fast
disappear right now
no one left around
sucked up into the sky
see rotations of sculpted time
no beginning
perpetually ending